We carry an extensive range of Rock Oil High Performance Lubricants.
K2 Plus 2 stroke racing pre-mix synthetic racing oil K2 plus is a highly acclaimed synthetic 2 stroke pre-mix racing oil incorporating the most recent innovations in additive technology. It has been extensively tested under maximum load racing conditions and is suitable for all applications requiring a high quality pre-mix. K2 plus is manufactured using a unique low ash, clean burning formula which provides:                                                                                • Maximum film and shear strength • Superb engine cleanliness • Significantly improved bore and piston ring life • Complete protection It is suitable for use with other synthetic or semi-synthetic oils but must not be mixed with castor based oils or methanol fuels.  
Lite gear oil Lite gear oil is a unique, lightweight, high performance, synthetic enhanced lubricant designed for use in sporting and competition transmissions where the primary drive, clutch and gearbox components require a high shock load resistance for optimum lubrication. Lite gear oil is suitable for both wet and dry clutch systems. Lightweight clutch operation is maintained with minimal frictional losses throughout the transmission system. It is suitable for all high performance transmission systems where an SAE 10w30 or 10w40 lubricant is recommended.                                                                                                            
Synthesis 2 Racing fully synthetic 2 stroke Synthesis 2 Racing is probably the most advanced pre-mix 2 stroke lubricant currently available. Off road engines can benefit from the advanced synthetic bases and additives to help prevent the problems of ring sticking, port blocking and cylinder wear. The phenomenal film and shear strengths give supreme protection and maximise the power and reliability of the engine. Synthesis 2 Racing can be used in all 2 stroke high performance engines and can also be mixed with all 2 stroke oils except castor based. Use up to 50:1 always following manufacturers guidelines.                                                                                                         
Kool complete engine coolant In recent years, the name “Kool” has become synonymous with safe engine temperatures and protection from corrosion. It was developed in association with Rock Oil’s international motorsport involvement and is suitable for both racing and road use. It offers total protection from -38°C to normal operation temperatures over 170°C. The unique properties of Kool offers superb stability even under the most extreme conditions, whilst inhibiting corrosion and protecting the whole cooling system from radiator to water pump.                                                                                                                                            
Guardian Motorcycle semi synthetic engine oil Guardian Motorcycle Semi Synthetic engine oils are premium grade 4 stroke engine oils that meet the exacting demands of modern high performance motorcycle engines. Advanced additive, high detergent formulation ensures maximum engine component protection and superior resistance to deposits and corrosion, resulting in extended engine life and optimum performance under the most arduous of conditions. Rapid cold start circulation, provides maximum protection during initial start up. They Pass the crucial clutch friction test required to meet the JASO MA/MA2 specifications, allowing safe, predictable use in wet clutch applications. Guardian Motorcycle is available in 10W30 & 10W40 viscosities.                                                 
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