METZELER MCE 6 DAY EXTREME ENDURO MCE 6 DAY EXTREME 90/90-21 £ 45.95 ENDURO MCE 6 DAY EXTREME 120/90-18 £ 59.95 ENDURO MCE 6 DAY EXTREME 130/90-18 £ 59.95 ENDURO MCE 6 DAY EXTREME 140/80-18 £ 59.95 Ultimate Enduro F.I.M. tyre dominating the Enduro racing world and developed with factory riders for your most extreme challenges. High Resistance Polyester carcass-material with X-ply  construction for superior structural characteristics and excellent puncture resistance. Tread block distribution and geometry designed to offer outstanding grip and traction both in dry and wet  conditions, from soft and loose terrain to hard ground. METZELER MC 4 MC4 80/100-21  51R £ 42.95 MC4 100/100-18 £ 48.95 MC4 110/100-18 £ 49.95 MC4 100/90-19 £ 45.95 MC4 110/90-19 £ 46.95 Motocross competition tyre for enhanced performance tuned for soft to medium terrain. Excellent lateral stability and fast cornering, carving precise trajectories thanks to the intersected shoulder blocks. Superb traction especially on soft, loose terrain for great acceleration out of corners. Tread compound optimised for soft ground featuring great stability especially during hard braking. METZELER MC5 MC5 80/100-21  51R £ 42.95 MC5 100/100-18 £ 46.95 MC5 110/100-18 £ 45.95 MC5 120/100-18 £ 46.95 MC5 100/90-19 £ 45.95 MC5 110/90-19 £ 46.95 All-round motocross competition tyre tuned for “intermediate” terrain. Great braking performance for late and hard braking entering into the corner with high stability. Strong reinforced half shoulder blocks: maximised traction on different terrain ensuring effective acceleration even at full lean. Great control when sliding into corners thanks to progressive contact feeling. METZELER UNICROSS UNICROSS 90/90-21  54M £ 39.95 UNICROSS 120/90-18  65M £ 45.95 All-terrain motocross tyre, developed for excellent performance covering a large spectrum of off road surfaces. Complete range DOT approved therefore suitable for road use and particularly suited for Enduro training. High traction and adaptability in every condition, powering out of corners or climbing steep hills with great feedback and control. Total lateral traction for great fun carving into corners, great knob resistance and damping. KAROO 3 KAROO 3 110/80-19 £ 61.95 KAROO 3 150/70-17 £ 84.95 The best Enduro ON/OFF tyre for your adventures, far and away. A new concept of Adventure and Enduro On/Off tyres dedicated to off-road expeditions, featuring both off-road traction and on-road stability with an excellent mileage. Improved Off -Road traction and handling. 30% more mileage than its predecessor. Cutting edge tread design lends to improved performance. Suitable for both light and heavy Enduro bikes (versatile).
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